About Esco Aster

Esco Aster is a vertically-integrated contract research, development and manufacturing organization (CRDMO) founded and deeply rooted by scientists enabling fellow scientists to translate their benchwork into life-saving diagnostics, medicines, therapies, cosmeceuticals, and cellular agriculture, at affordable prices for self-sufficiency of the country.

We make complex manufacturing simple via our proprietary best-in-class continuous manufacturing platforms providing a reliable and linearly scalable outcome with a track record of being used in 8 commercial human and animal health vaccines. We offer contract research and developmental services, which advances into pilot scale-up and commercial-scale production as we grow with our collaborators and partners.

We continuously invest in meeting unmet clinical needs by unlocking manufacturing bottlenecks for current and new platform modalities.

Together, we are working on an interconnected one health approach to bring your next molecule into the clinic and life.

Join us for the world we are making redefining food and medicine for the current and future generations to come.

Esco Aster.
One World Biosolutions for One Health.

About Us

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Esco Aster spun off in 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Esco Lifesciences Group. On 08 Aug 2022, Esco Aster officially completed its spinoff as an affliate of Esco Lifesciences Group. Esco Lifesciences Group is founded in Singapore and is the global group and corporate headquarters since 1978.

Employees Globally

42 Locations

More than 20

8 Manufacturing Sites
and R&D Centers

Our Offerings

Esco Aster provides variety of products and services based on best-in-class manufacturing platforms with focus on new modalities.

We aim to provide the highest yield lowest cost with linearly scalable quality to better promote healthcare access especially in the developing world, lower middle income countries.

Manufacturing Platforms

Our Adherent Cell Tide Motion® Platform forms the core of our process development (PD) / Clinical Trial Material (CTM) which is translational bridge to accelerate clinical/investigational medicinal products from bench to good laboratory practice (GLP), Phase 1 / 2 clinical trial material, intermediates and Phase 3 bridging studies when converting from roller bottles, microcarriers or multilayer 2D planar cultureware into Adherent Cell Tide Motion® Platform which is linearly scalable to commercial scale.

Learn more about our COGS targets from our different manufacturing platforms!

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Speciality Diagnostics
Cultivated Meat / Precision Fermentation
Cell and Gene Therapy
Speciality API's / Linkers
Modular Design & Build, Validation

Our Products

Esco Aster is one of the earliest responders to Singapore COVID-19 self sufficiency across Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Vaccines.

See more on our dedicated COVID-19 page for our end to end trace, test and treat platforms. We are providing a variety of biopharma, bioscience to cell lines, drug substances and drug products as well.

Our Locations

Esco Aster operates on dedicated sites based on our applications of our manufacturing platforms, each site has dedicated scientists working on specific modalities that comply and/or are certified to their specific relevant regulatory/ISO standards.

Esco Aster will continue to scale up with our collaborators and partners for future commercial expansion in Singapore or as Internal Tech Transfer to client choice of country.

Facilities and applications are:

Esco Aster Pte. Ltd.

#02-01, Blk 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139950,

Esco AsterTide PD-Phase 2 CTM (Cells/Viruses/EVs)

#02-04 Blk 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore 139950

Esco AsterMavors Cellular Agriculture and Complementary Proteins (Food)

#03-20 Blk 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore 139951

esco map
Esco Aster COE China
Esco Aster COE India
• Esco Aster Singapore Manufacturing
• Esco Aster PD/Intermediates/Clinical Trial Material Operations
Esco Aster COE USA

Our Pipeline

See where we are at in our product development pipeline! These consist of our internal and international co-development collaborations with specific focus on vaccines, cell therapy, new modalities for oncology, rare/orphan drugs, genetic diseases.

See our different modes of How We Work.


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