Continuous Fermentation


Fermentation is a process where microorganisms are grown under controlled conditions with an aim of optimizing the growth of the organism for production of a target microbial product.

Continuous Fermentation involves the removal of culture medium continuously and replacement of this with fresh sterile medium in a bioreactor.

Esco Aster has vast experience in bioreactor designing and offering fermentation services to clients for different cell lines. We utilize series of bioreactors and bioprocessing equipment of laboratory (5L-10L) to large scale in wide range of services.


Strain Development

Large-scale Contract Fermentation (5-10L)

Recombinant DNA Technology

Fermentation Process Validation

Microbial Fermentation

  • Fed-batch
  • Semi-continuous
  • Continuous

Fermentation Process Optimization for Expression / Production of :

  • Recombinant Proteins
  • Peptides
  • Enzymes
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Biomass Generation
  • Cellular Agriculture
  • Alternative Proteins