Master Cell / Microbial Banking


Cell banking provides a common starting source for each manufactured lot of product which is well characterized and assures that an adequate supply of equivalent cells exist for use during the entire lifespan of the product. Several kinds of cell banking such as master cell bank (MCB), working cell bank (WCB) and end of production cell bank (EoPCB) service are provided following cGMP regulatory standards and guidelines (ICH, U.S. FDA, EMA, and NMPA).

Our cGMP-compliant cell bank can preserve a large volume of cell lines, microbial cells, and other biologics for the manufacture of commercially available therapeutics.

We ensure that all samples collected either on the field or on our biobank are carefully processed and transported using the best techniques for preservation.


Manufacturing of MCB and WCB for mammalian cell line and microbial cell line
Characterization of cell lines following cGMP guidelines
Quality Assurance
Storage at -70°C or vapor-phase liquid nitrogen in a controlled access area

Some services are still being built up and ready only by Y2024. Please inquire for further information and updates through