Our Manufacturing Platforms


To create social impact and match our vision. we balance purpose and profit.
We combine social entrepreneurship with sustainable profit via our best-in-class manufacturing platforms.

This section is an overview of our manufacturing platforms with specific products
made using our manuacturing platforms and service offerings described in other sections of this website.

We are not a Non-For-Profit (NFP) / Non-Govermental Organization (NGO) despite sharing similar ethos in helping humanity, nor are we a pure profit capitalistic driven in maximizing returns at all costs (though we deliver and enhance shareholder value).
We are mindful of this interdependent relationship of capitalism and social entrepreneurship and often at times work on robin hood model of charging tiered pricing whilst ensuring our costs are covered.
We uphold this ethos that permeates in every aspect and level of our organization ensuring the future for medicine through sustainable business.

COGS and Drug Product Targets

Highest Yield. Affordable Cost. Linearly scalable. Quality by design. These are our COGS targets at production scale which takes into account commercial batch sizes based on optimized conditions and done by Esco Aster in Singapore which includes our current prevailing rate of proprietary cell lines, media, other ancilliary consumables, and labour. These costs may be subject to market changes based on the prevailing rate.

Costs may vary if done by external party based on their labour rate, local conditions and own cell line, media, and consumables.

Drug product costing is ex-factory Singapore not inclusive of cold chain, transport logistics, tax, other local costs from regulatory, local agents, marketing, further processing (e.g. controlled rate of thawing, reconstitution, secondary packaging etc.), and other costs which are not stated here but part of final product costing)

Contact us to perform a cost analysis based on your specific requirements!

Cell Therapy
  • Cost for cGMP allogeneic MSCs at <$50 per million cells for final drug product at USD 3K-20k (depending on body mass and dose regime).
  • Drug Product for cGMP autologous MSCs at $30,000 per patient.
Cell Therapy

(Autologous CAR-T / CAR-Immune)

  • Cost per therapy: USD 100K
  • Current: USD 230-500k

(Allogeneic CAR-T / CAR-Immune )

  • Cost per therapy: ~USD 20-30k
Human Vaccines/
Oncolytic Viruses
  • Commercial Cost per dose of drug product: $10-$20
  • Cost of goods <$2 per dose at commercial scale (based on secreted virus). Costs will be higher for intracellular virus.
Animal Health
  • Cost of goods <$1 per dose (based on secreted virus). Costs will be higher for intracellular virus.
  • Commercial Cost per dose: < $5
Therapeutic mAbs/
  • Cost < $15 per gram
Gene Therapy
  • AAV: $100,000 per dose
  • Current: $500,00 - $1,000,000 per dose
Food Ingredient / Product Protein
  • Cost of goods and product targets <$10 per kg

Adherent Tide Motion® Technology

We solve adherent scale-up problems and provides a single-use bioprocessing method with closed, automated cell harvesting from seed preparation (0.1 L packed bed volume) to production scale (5,000 L packed-bed volume - bioequivalence of 50,000 L in suspension) all in the same 3D Tide Motion®.


Astericle: The New EV Miracle

We aim to actively partner with major cell and gene therapy businesses in the rapidly emerging field of EVs by leveraging our platform adherent manufacturing capability and know-hows.


Continuous Fermentation

We provide fermentation capabilities from Diagnostic Antigen / Antibodies, Peptides, Intermediates (Viral Vectors), Therapeutics, to Food Ingredients / Products for Cellular Agriculture / Alternative Proteins in both continuous liquid and solid-state fermentation.


Continuous Flow Chemistry/ Small Molecules

We have focused on API chemical process development using continuous flow processes. We have the expertise, local collaborations and state-of-the-art facilities to address your process requirements pertaining to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) synthesis or multistep synthesis of functional organic molecules.


Esco AsterMavors®

We have the expertise and experience in providing clients process development and scale-up manufacturing of their food ingredients and food products. We utilize linearly scalable and cost-efficient bioprocessing technology for cellular agriculture/complementary protein products.