mission and vision
mission and vision

Mission and Vision

To be the leading cGMP CRDMO globally in adherent bioprocessing/ continuous processing using flow chemistry utilizing our own in house proprietary/patented platforms and accelerate the discovery to delivery process of vaccines (human, animal, cancer), oncolytic viruses, cell/gene therapy, tissue engineering, mabs/recombinant proteins, diagnostics, small molecules, cosmeceuticals, peptides, biopolymers, bioscaffolds, and cosmetics/fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

mission and vision
mission and vision

What We Do

We focus on offering vaccine-, bio-, cell- and gene-therapy development manufacturing services using primarily its proprietary Adherent Tide Motion Platform supplemented by single-use suspension and fermentation, downstream bioprocessing, and custom bioengineering equipment for client specific therapeutics.

Within the in vitro/in vivo Diagnostic space, we focus on developing mAb-based antigens, single-domain antibodies for radio imaging, RT PCR reagents, RCL diagnostics. We work with collaborators to provide turnkey mobile Dx labs: Aster Xpress™.

Within the chem- biopolymer- cosmetic, personal care, cosmeceutical segments, we excel in converting batch processes into continuous flow chemistry, closed aseptic processing within isolators and variety of skin safety/efficacy testing services.

For the COVID-19 pandemic we are working on an end-to-end trace, test, and treat platform from swab booths, to mobile labs, turnkey modular screening and treatment centres with isolation rooms as well as working on diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines.

Our Track Record

Our Locations

Esco Aster operates on dedicated sites based on our applications of our manufacturing platforms, each site has dedicated scientists working on specific modalities. Esco Aster will continue to scale up with our collaborators and partners for future commercial expansion in Singapore or as Internal Tech Transfer to client choice of country. Facilities and applications are:

Esco Aster Pte. Ltd.

#02-01, Blk 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139950,

Esco AsterTide PD-Phase 2 CTM (Cells/Viruses/EVs)

#02-04 Blk 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore 139950

Esco AsterMavors Cellular Agriculture and Complementary Proteins (Food)

#03-20 Blk 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore 139951

Esco Aster COE China
Esco Aster COE India
• Esco Aster Singapore Manufacturing
• Esco Aster PD/Intermediates/Clinical Trial Material Operations
Esco Aster COE USA

Our Certifications

Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 v5.1

FSSC 22000 v5.1

Esco Aster's FSSC 22000 license under Version 5.1 of the certification scheme underscores its unwavering commitment to food safety, quality, and continuous improvement. As set forth by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), this certification not only affirms Esco Aster's commitment to delivering safe and high-quality food products but also reinforces its position as a trusted and reliable partner in the food industry.

Key potential benefits of possessing this certification include:

  • enhanced food safety
  • competitive advantage and global recognition
  • improved efficiency and regulatory compliance
  • risk mitigation
  • supplier and customer confidence
  • continuous improvement
ISO 22000:2018 certificate

ISO 22000:2018

This certification demonstrates Esco Aster's ability to control food safety hazards and ensure that food is safe for consumption.

Key potential benefits of possessing this standard include:

  • the ability to consistently provide food-related products and services that are safe and meet regulatory requirements
  • improved management of risks in food safety processes
ISO 9001:2015 certificate

ISO 9001:2015

Esco Aster's ISO 9001:2015 ensures that its business operations are robust and lays a quality management system foundation for the organization including its developmental sciences and services for Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

Key potential benefits of possessing this standard include:

  • the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements for contract research and process development services for mammalian cells and their derivatives.
  • the ability to achieve customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our History

Esco Aster History Timeline


Esco expanded distribution to pharmaceutical life science biotech and medical reserach markets


Expansion of Esco life science and medical products


UL accreditation

Esco earned onsite Ul accreditation


Esco Aster was introduced (first CRDMO company in Asia utilizing its own proprietary Tide Motion technology)

Esco Aster and Institute of Molecular Cell Biology announce a collaboration to accelerate pre-clinical development of a hand foot and mouth vaccine

Esco Aster and Bioprocessing Institute sign a Memorandum of Understanding to innovate on continuous manufacturing platform


  1. Esco Aster fully carved out as independept affiliate of Esco Lifesciences Group.
  2. Esco Aster was awarded the stringent FSSC 22000 food safety certification, clinching another "world's first"
    in the cultivated meat scene.


Facility Expansion for Cultivated Meat Production


Esco Aster received a food processing license to manufacture cell-based cultivated meat from Singapore Food Authority (SFA).


Esco Aster continued to grow with the outfitting of a cGMP-compliant PD, GLP, Phase1 and 2 clinical trial facility.


Esco Aster and
National University of Singapore announced a development of single-use bioreactor-based stem cells for bone regeneration.



Esco VacciXcell was introduced


EN 12469

Esco earned first EN 12469 cert. for BSC


Esco officeEsco Lifesciences Group

Esco was founded in Singapore and began to pioneer cleanroom technology in Southeast Asia

Our Senior Management

XL Lin

XL Lin

Founder, President & CEO

XL Lin founded and manages the Esco Aster and Esco Healthcare Division within the Esco Lifesciences Group in 2009 developing the companies' very first cGMP downflow/containment booths and isolation systems from concept development to sales, project management, site-work, and validation.

Under his leadership, Esco Pharma has expanded from just a small division to now having 3 factories globally in USA/UK and Singapore. He brings his unique skillset in social entrepreneurship, market development, strategic product development, globally alliance networking, sales/contract management, clean air/containment facility, and systems design/integration into Esco VacciXcell. XL Lin graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences from University of Sydney and he is currently pursuing various options for further studies.

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