Our laboratories offer a wide range of cosmeceutical products and top-of-the-line testing services. We guarantee that all product claims are backed up by substantial scientific evidence; strengthening consumers’ confidence in your specific brands.

Our Advantages

Advanced Stemistry Brand

We are a stemistry (stem cell +cosmeceutical chemistry) beauty brand that is setting a new standard on active ingredients for skincare and haircare.

Certified Organic

We are grounded in science enabling facial /hair microbiome, organic, vegan, halal, hypoallergenic, fragrance/ paraben/ artificial color/mineral oil/s free, non-comedogenic active ingredients.

Safe and Lab-tested

Natural and green products, cosmeceuticals, stem cell-grade processes, safety and efficacy independent clinical studies by renowned plastic surgeons / dermatologists / aesthetic doctors, innovative and sustainable green packaging to minimize harm to the environment and the society.


All products are submitted to the kind of rigorous testing found in biotechnology with in vitro studies per OECD and with a double-blind randomized clinical trial as a cosmeceutical with validated, measurable quantitative skin diagnostics post-treatment and strict adherence to current good manufacturing practices (cGMP).


Cosmeceuticals are products that have both cosmetic (beauty) and therapeutic (medical) effects. They contain bioactive ingredients to treat and enhance different skin conditions.

Under AsterCura™, secretomes and various useful cytokines are to be extracted and purified from conditioned culture medium for cosmeceutical applications and in turn, capable of carrying out various research analysis on the cytokines.

  • Secretomes are set of proteins excreted from donor cells that are capable in signaling the recipient cells to change their cellular behaviors in order to regulate skin repair and regeneration of the damaged cells.
  • Secretomes comprise of exosomes, soluble cytokines, growth factors, extracellular matrix proteins and many more.

  • The term "cytokine" is derived from a combination of two Greek words - "cyto" meaning cell and "kinos" meaning movement.
  • They are broad class of biosignalling proteins, peptides or glycoproteins that are excreted by specific immune cells which are vital in controlling the growth and activity of other immune system cells and blood cells. 

  • Cytokines act through combining related receptors. This is to regulate cell growth, cell differentiation and modulate immune response.
  • Cytokines can therefore be used as cosmeceuticals to treat various skin conditions such as aging, UV damage, dehydration and scarring.
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Key Benefits

Cytokines as cosmetics/cosmeceuticals have superior properties in treating different skin conditions such as aging, UV damage, dehydration and scarring.

Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

Topical Effect: cooling / itch-relieving / anti-inflamation.


Skin Tone, Reduction of dark patches under eye

Topical Effect: Whitening, even skin color, skin brightening.


Hydration / Moisturizing

Topical Effect: Anti-wrinkles, glowing, anti-aging


Smoothening (e.g. ice-pick scar, acne scarring)

Topical Effect: Scar / wound healing


Wound healing (e.g. acne, post laser)

Topical Effect: Smoothening, glowing effect.


UV-C Sunscreen (Reverse DNA Damage)

Topical Effect: Anti-pigmentation, anti-inflammation



Topical Effect: Anti-pigmentation, skin brightening


Our Capabilities

At AsterCura™, we are capable of carrying out various research analyses on cytokines.

Proteomic analysis of cytokines’ profile
In vitro skin testing for the efficacy and safety of cytokines
Encapsulation and formulation of cytokines using our in-house techniques for better encapsulation
Performance and stability of cosmeceuticals
In vivo clinical trials
Collaboration with like-minded companies for a suite of cosmetics/ cosmeceuticals or offer suite of ODM cosmetics

Outward Business Models

Upcycling / Valorization
of Spent Media
Inward Licensing
Original Design
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