Continuous Flow Chemistry


Chemical process development plays a key role on the scale-up and manufacture of APIs. Among the several parameters that control process development, cost efficiency is a key parameter which can be achieved by careful design/redesign of synthetic routes coupled with effective work-up procedure and purification protocols.

Continous Flow process is emerging as one of the mostly amenable, enabling technologies which utilizes appropriately designed small reactors in which streams of substrates and reagents can be mixed to react in a highly controlled, more safer and reproducible environment.

Esco Aster have focused on API chemical process development using continuous flow processes. We have the expertise, local collaborations and state-of-the-art facilities to address your process requirements pertaining to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) synthesis or multistep synthesis of functional organic molecules.

Advantages of Continuous Flow Process

  • Improved heat transfer and mass transfer
  • Reproducibility
  • Extreme reaction conditions can be managed effectively
  • Multistep (telescoping)
  • In-line downstream processing and automation
  • Improved Safety

Capabilities: Chemical Process Development - API

Synthetic Route Scouting
Synthetic Route Scouting

Validation and effective modification of synthetic routes for operational ease and cost efficiency. Team is well-versed in retrosynthetic approaches and redesign strategies.

Chemical Process Safety Assessment
Chemical Process Safety Assessment

Process safety assesment to identify potenially hazordous reactions and replace potentially hazardous reagents with environmentally benign reagents and establish milder reaction conditions.

Process Optimizationt
Process Optimization

  • Propose and execute convergent approaches to synthesis wherever appropriate and provide faster optimization on small scale.
  • Effective translation of the optimized conditions to larger scale leading to manufacture scale.
  • Establish clear work-up procedures and product isolation protocols for large scale reactions.

Capabilities: Continuous Flow Process – API

Appropriate Standardized modules to handle different reactions and multiple batch sizes

Diversification of API synthesis using common key intermediates

Development and optimization of synthetic routes suitable for flow chemistry

Establishment of a safer alternate way for hazardous reactions

Streamlining and automation of multistep reaction sequences of APIs

Peptide synthesis, Intermediates for API and compound libraries