Retroviral Vectors


Retroviral Vectors

Retroviruses are popular gene therapy vectors because they stably integrate the DNA copy of their genome into the host chromosome during their replication cycle. Advances in the design of retroviral vectors have resulted in a greater degree of biosafety, expanded host range, and increased stability of the virus particles. As the number and variety of cell and gene therapy trials increase each year, the need for cost-effective and skillful production of retroviral vectors also continues to rise.

Esco Aster’s tailored retrovirus production is a distinct and efficient approach to deliver genes of interest for stable expression into a broad range of dividing mammalian cells as it seeks to produce beneficial research tools and services in different clinical applications.


Retroviral vectors (RVs) have been used for stable gene transfer into mammalian cells for more than 20 years. They’re relatively simple genome and structure are easy to use and are relatively safe for in vivo applications. Currently, they have also been used in alternative efforts to enhance the body's own immune response to tumors; this treatment involves reinjecting tumor cells that have been UV irradiated, genetically manipulated, or admixed with non-specific adjuvants. 

As a CRO, CRDMO, Esco Aster provides viral vector production services in varying grades--research/preclinical, clinical, and commercial, respectively. Choosing and producing the best viral vectors to be used for your desired applications can be difficult, but we are here to help every step of the way!

Research / Preclinical Grade

Clinical Grade


Researh-grade Retroviral
Vector Production Services

Esco Aster’s research-grade retrovirus production service lets you choose from multiple expression plasmid vectors depending on the expression type you desire:

    • High titer (pDON-AI-2)
    • High expression (pMEI-5)
    • Balanced (pDON-5)
    • Not Available
    • Amphotropic
    • Ecotropic
Researh-grade Retroviral Vector Production Services

Clinical-grade Retroviral
Vector Production Services

Retroviral vectors transduce a wide range of hard-to-infect dividing cells and integrate into the host genome, which makes them ideal for long-term, stable expression of your transgene.

As the number and variety of planned CAR-T and gene therapy trials increases with each year, the need for commercial-grade retrovirus also continues to grow. Esco Aster is here to help you choose the best possible options for a patient-ready clinical trial material.

  • Project Initiation: We will be needing plasmid DNA and a packaging cell line (PG13 packaging cell line is available from Esco Aster upon request)
  • Deliverables: We will provide a Master Cell Bank (MCB), a retroviral vector, a manufacturing report, and a certificate of analysis
Clinical-grade Retroviral Vector Production Services

Commercial-grade Retroviral
Vector Production Services

Esco Aster has the experience and dedication to the standards that you need in order to scale up your retrovirus gene therapy project. There are multiple courses of action for commercial-grade retroviral vector manufacturing, so we offer the flexibility and expertise to help you decide which process will best meet your custom-specific needs.

Commercial-grade Retroviral Vector Production Services