Lentiviral Vectors


Lentiviral Vectors

Lentiviruses have been extensively used as gene delivery vectors since the mid-1990s. Usually derived from the human immunodeficiency virus genome, they mediate efficient gene transfer to non-dividing cells, including neurons and glia in the adult mammalian brain.

Esco Aster offers lentivirus services ranging from custom small-scale lentivirus packaging for research-grade, to large-scale lentivirus packaging, to lentivirus cGMP production for use in your various applications.


Lentiviral vectors are considered as powerful therapeutic tools due to their tendency to efficiently target non-dividing and differentiated cells, such as neurons or dendritic cells. As such, these vectors are broadly used in a multitude of in vivo and ex vivo clinical applications for the treatment of hematological and neurological disorders, such as β-thalassemia, sickle cell disease, gene therapy based on enzyme replacement and the delivery of neurotrophic factors for neurodegenerative disease.

As a CRO, CRDMO, Esco Aster provides viral vector production services in varying grades--research/preclinical, clinical, and commercial, respectively. Choosing and producing the best viral vectors to be used for your desired applications can be difficult, but we are here to help every step of the way!

Research / Preclinical Grade

Clinical Grade


Researh-grade Lentiviral
Vector Production Services

Using Esco Aster’s proprietary transient lentiviral vector production system, we are capable of producing research-grade lentivirus product that meets your desired applications. We offer various options for expression plasmid vectors which are as follows:

    • CMV
    • EF1α
    • Not Available
    • Neomycin
    • Puromycin
    • Hygromycin
    • VSV-G Pseudotype
Researh-grade Lentiviral Vector Production Services

Clinical-grade Lentiviral
Vector Production Services

Lentiviral vectors can transduce both replicating and nonreplicating cells. They are generally produced at titers that are higher than retrovirus, and they integrate into the host genome, allowing stable, long-term expression of the transgene. Furthermore, lentiviral vectors elicit a relatively low immune response, making them a popular choice for gene therapy applications.

  • Project Initiation: We will be requiring plasmid DNA (transfer plasmid, packaging plasmids) and producer cell lines (293T MCB is available from Esco Aster upon request)
  • Deliverables: We will deliver lentiviral vector, a manufacturing report, and a certificate of analysis
Clinical-grade Lentiviral Vector Production Service

Commercial-grade Lentiviral
Vector Production Services

As a leader in cGMP lentivirus production, we have the experience and dedication to quality that you need to scale up your lentivirus gene therapy project into a patient-ready product. We know that there is no single production strategy that works best for all cGMP lentivirus projects, so we offer the flexibility of multiple lentivirus production methods and the expert knowledge to help you decide which process will best meet your individual needs.

Esco Aster has proprietary HEK293 and 293T producer cell lines for adherent culture. We offer large-scale chromatography purification services based on your preference, material needs, timeline, and long-term development plan.

Commercial-grade Lentiviral Vector Production Services