Adenoviral Vectors


Adenoviral Vectors

Adenoviral vectors are attractive vectors for research applications and gene therapy: they can be produced at high titers, can accommodate large transgenes, transduce quiescent and dividing cells, and do not integrate into the host’s genome.

Esco Aster state-of-the-art facilities and experts are within easy reach in order to assist in all areas of adenovirus vector design and construction, as well as the generation of the adenovirus in high titer.


Adenoviruses can cause a wide range of illnesses in humans, such as respiratory tract infections. To make adenovirus an effective and safe tool for gene delivery, two genes involved in viral replication and modulating host immune response are deleted. Once inside the cell, recombinant adenovirus remains episomal and does not integrate into the host genome. Adenovirus is a popular choice for gene delivery applications primarily because of its large packaging capacity, high transgene expression, and ability to infect most cell types.

As a CRO, CRDMO, Esco Aster provides viral vector production services in varying grades--research/preclinical, clinical, and commercial, respectively. Choosing and producing the best viral vectors to be used for your desired applications can be difficult, but we are here to help every step of the way!

Research / Preclinical Grade

Clinical Grade


Researh-grade Adenoviral
Vector Production Services

Esco Aster’s research-grade adenovirus production service brings out high titer, high purity virus for in vivo administration. The adenoviral vector is made from producer cells derived from a single clone.

We also offer various options for expression plasmid vectors which are as follows:

    • CMV
    • EF1α
    • Axcw2
    • AxCAwt2
    • AxCaiACz
Researh-grade Adenoviral Vector Production Services

Clinical-grade Adenoviral
Vector Production Service

In an effort to increase manufacturing capacity, Esco Aster with its proprietary technologies and platforms, offers services for clinical-grade adenoviral vectors utilizing adherent 293 cells grown with chemically-defined media.

We offer a wide range of robust, scalable upstream and downstream solutions and have the technical knowledge and experience to support your needs.

Clinical-grade Adenoviral Vector Production Service

Commercial-grade Adenoviral
Vector Production Services

With Esco Aster’s proprietary HEK293 and 293T producer cell lines for adherent culture, we can be able to streamline production of adenoviral vectors intended for commercial use. We offer large-scale chromatography purification services based on our clients’ preference, material requirements, time schedule, and long-term development plan.

Commercial-grade Adenoviral Vector Production Services