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The Health Quarters: Strengthening cGMP compliance for Pharmaceutical Drugs and Biologics Manufacturing (Issue 4, March 2022)

March 04, 2022
HQ Newsletter Fourth issue

The fourth (4th) issue release of The Health Quarters (HQ) newsletter focuses and touches on a wide range of technologies and solutions for the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs and biological products.

 HQ 4th issue file cover image

With the aim to strengthen the core of cGMP compliance in our clients’ manufacturing process, The HQ sheds light on Esco Aster joining the World Vaccine Congress for the 6th time on Apr. 18-21 at Marriott Marquis Washington DC, USA. Also, learn about our cGMP Cleanroom Solutions for COVID- Repurposed Drugs (RDs), Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs), Vaccines, and Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) Antiviral Drugs as well as the ex-Cell-ent features of the Cell Processing Isolator, containing guides in choosing the right isolator for your cell therapy process.

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