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High-Titer Hepatitis C Virus Production in a Scalable Single-Use High Cell Density Bioreactor

March 31, 2022

Singapore – Esco Aster, a vertically-integrated contract research (CRO), contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), highlights the success of the recently published study in the international, peer-reviewed journal, Vaccines, which discusses the production of high-titer Hepatitis C Virus in the Tide Motion system.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a pathogen responsible for causing blood-transferred infections associated with chronic liver diseases. A reported estimate of 58 million people, worldwide, are living with chronic HCV infection, and there are about 1.5 million new infections and 300,000 HCV-related deaths in a year. To date, there is still no licensed vaccine that can protect an individual against chronic HCV infection. Furthermore, the vaccine development based on whole virus as well as the area of research for ultrastructural and immunogenicity studies, require high-titer virus production.

In the recent published study, HCV was produced in human hepatoma derived Huh7.5 cells through the high cell density bioreactor, CelCradle™. It was observed that the highest virus yields were obtained upon two medium exchanges. The laboratory scale bioreactor system utilizes a proprietary Tide Motion recirculation mode that enables 100% medium replenishment. This was found to be a major contributor to the high yields observed. A single CelCradle™ system could yield infectivity titers as high as 7.2 log10 focus forming units (FFU) per milliliter (mL) of medium, accumulated virus yields of up to 5.9 x 1010 FFU, and a cell specific virus yield of up to 41 FFU/cell. Notably, Esco Aster’s Tide Motion based bioreactors are linearly scalable, allowing a rapid and smooth scaling up process.

On Apr. 18 - 21, Esco Aster will exhibit onsite in the upcoming World Vaccine Congress (WVC) in Marriott Marquis Washington DC, USA. After all the COVID-19 restrictions of the past two years, Esco Aster will finally return to the much-awaited conference with a new lineup of bioprocessing tools on display.

Esco Aster will also launch the latest version of the CelCradle™ and CelCradle X® systems. The newest CelCradle™ design boasts a unique standalone control tower equipped with a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant software and is amenable to several types of macroporous carriers such as BioNOC™ II, BioMESH®, and BioNOC D™. Automated pH, DO control and monitoring have also been made easier with its upgraded CelFeeder design feature which eliminates manual checks, saving both labour and time. On the other hand, the CelCradle X® has been upgraded with the following features: A standalone cGMP compliant, closed, automated bioreactor for a variety of adherent cell culture applications, especially suited for autologous cell therapy. The incubator has also been designed with a low temperature control that suits aquaculture vaccine production.

“The recent developments of our Tide Motion bioreactors are grounded on our aspirations of simplifying bioprocessing for end-users. We wanted to ensure that the upgraded features of CelCradle™ and CelCradle X® highlight their compact, easy-to-use designs with automated properties to maintain the viability and high yield of cells during adherent culture.”, said Xiangliang Lin, Esco Aster’s Chief Executive Officer

Both the CelCradle™ and CelCradle X® continue to utilize the unique Tide Motion principle for alternating exposure of cells to aeration and nutrition. As a linearly scalable system, the units are equipped with an automated harvesting system for harvesting live whole cells, intracellular viruses, and more.

Through the years, Esco Aster has launched timely innovations that has helped solve several challenges in the bioprocessing industry. WVC is an event format that comprises a series of panel sessions and exhibitions with thousands of attendees worldwide. 

With so much to show throughout the four (4) days, we look forward to welcoming you there. Grab your tickets to the leading vaccine congress through here: 8-104605481.1632385419

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