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Earth Day 2021: Food Services from Lab to Table

April 22, 2021

Esco Aster joins the #RestoreOurEarth campaign for Earth Day 2021 as it emphasizes the need for consumers to find alternative sustainable diet options. As one of the pillars of the campaign, Food and Environment are interlinked that shifting to sustainable options of diet would have a more significant impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emission (GHG). In particular, it is estimated that shifting to more sustainable options of diet generates more reduction of foodprint than shifting to reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags. Reports show that plant-based diet saves 0.8 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year

At Esco Aster via the AsterMavors platform, we provide end-to-end contract development and manufacturing services for novel food technologies in the cellular agriculture/alternative proteins space. Our platform technology enables cost-efficient and linearly scalable food ingredient and product processes to reach parity for conventional meat products. We enable technologies that reduce the cost of goods sold COGS for food ingredient and food products, targeting <$10/kg, which include reducing the cost of cell culture media components e.g., growth factors.

We join the campaign of Earth Day 2021 to increase awareness of consumers to novel foods and technologies, including plant-based, plant-based meat analogs, microbial-derived, hybrid products, as well as cell-based meat options to further advance the capabilities for cellular agriculture and alternative proteins. Esco Aster remains steadfast on its “One World, One Health”, where environmental issues can be dealt by collaborating towards less foodprint and sustainable food production.