Makeshift Recovery and Treatment Isolation Room™

Makeshift Recovery and Treatment Isolation Room™

This is a controlled negatively-pressurized room designed for COVID-19 positive individuals with mild to moderate level of symptoms, hence, with less viral shedding often characterized by occasional coughing and sneezing. These rooms can also be retrofitted into hospital wards to convert normal beds into temporary isolation rooms with optional anterooms. These hospital wards can be returned to normal wards after COVID-19 pandemic. Rooms are recommended to be disinfected on a daily basis and must be maintained at negative pressure (-10 to -20Pa) to ambient environment.

  1. Single HEPA filter air supply
  2. Double HEPA filter exhaust with UV-C kill box single pass
  3. Room exhaust with UV-C lighting technology
  4. 1200 x 2000mm patient bed
  5. Built-in curtain and Modular Partitioning System
  6. Aluminum column and connector beams
  7. PVC door with vision panels
  8. Clear fixed windows for visibility
  9. LED lighting
  10. Pressure gauge for differential pressure monitoring
  11. Customizable dimensions to suit client-specific requirements

MRTIR™ Features

  1. Wall-mounted static pass box
  2. Floor-mounted static pass box
  3. Anteroom (required in some country regulations)
  4. Titanium Oxide-lind Nanomesh filter:
    • 3D porous foam structure
    • provides enhanced photo-catalytic air purification
    • works with 300W UV-C lighting
    • higher energy UV-C lighting resulting from photo-activation of Titanium oxide
    • kills airborne viruses in droplet nuclei

MRTIR™ Options