Our laboratories provide a specialized beauty brand that focuses on a conditioned culture medium (CCM) as cosmeceuticals and autologous mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) therapy. 

Esco Aster offers efficient cosmetics and cosmeceuticals contract manufacturing solutions that will help you create effective custom formulations for your business and company. We ensure that you receive the best production and manufacturing services in accordance with cGMP for your business needs, and a final product of the highest quality that rightly represents your brand. 

Our Advantages

In Vitro Skin Testing
Services per OECD Standard

The cosmeceutical branch of Esco Aster offers a range of in vitro skin testing services in accordance with OECD guidelines to study and assess the safety of bioactive compounds intended for use in cosmeceuticals. We provide a range of safety tests, including those on skin sensitization, skin cytotoxicity, skin phototoxicity, eye irritation, and skin absorption before manufacturing. 

Safety Studies

Encapsulation and Formulation Services

Esco Aster's cosmeceutical division offers a variety of encapsulation and formulation services of active ingredients in the manufacturing processes for a better, physical, chemical stability and storage shelf-life of the active ingredients . 

This can be done utilizing internal methods and processes in the manufacturing stage, such as freeze-drying, ultrasonication, emulsion, and spray drying. The method used will rely on the kind of bioactive substances that need to be encapsulated in terms of their starting raw materials, surface charge, size, temperature sensitivity, as well as the ultimate desirable qualities that need to be obtained after encapsulation. 

Encapsulation and Formulation Services

Outward Licensing and Partnership

Through partnerships, AsterCurone's outward licensing intends to offer a range of services. Esco Aster has two divisions: (1) Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy and (2) Cosmeceutical, which provide you with the potential for outside licensing and partnership in the fields of stem cell-derived regenerative medicine and cosmeceuticals and cosmetics manufacturing. 

We would combine lab supplies, equipment, raw materials, consumables, and the initial setup and processes needed in the preparation stage of your production and cosmetics manufacturing facility under a licensing fee and subscription business model. Additionally, we would arrange for the training of your staff members and medical professionals as well as the protocols, quality control, and site master file. Last but not least, we would assist you with business and marketing tools, such as putting up a portfolio for your private label brand and business among other things, and keep you up to date on current developments in the cosmetics industry, including cosmetic manufacturing protocols, publications, and information. 

Outward Licensing and Partnership

Outward Licensing

AsterCurone™'s outward licensing aims to provide various services via partnership.

Laboratory Equipment
  1. Laminar Flow Hood
  2. CO2 incubators
  3. Centrifuge
  4. Tangential flow Filtration
  5. Freeze-dryer
  6. Ultra-sonicator
  7. UV-spectrophotometry
  8. HPLC
  9. PCR
  10. Biosafety Cabinet
  11. High-speed Homogenizer System
  12. PermeGear Franz Diffusion Cell System
  13. Cryopreservation Systems and Accessories
  14. Chemiluminescence Imaging System
  15. Diascopic and Epi-fluorescence Illumination System, The Inverted Microscope
  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and protective gear
  2. Lab instruments: culture medium, culture flasks, petri dishes, serological pipettes, centrifuge tubes, beakers, cuvettes, activation reagents, chemical etc.
Step-up and Initial Setting of Facility
  1. Specialize in healthcare facility and laboratory design and construction, providing world class facility brought in line with international cGMP standards.
  2. Conceptualization > Planning > Procurement > Installation
  3. Services include audit from Esco Aster as preaudit before local regulatory.
Instructions and Training
  1. Initial training for technicians and doctors (3 to 5 training sessions)
Protocols, Quality Assurance and Site Master File
  1. Laboratory Protocols for cell culturing and encapsulation techniques, release certification and so on.
  2. Quality assurance can be conducted on finished product in terms of characterization microbiology etc.
Marketing Tools and Constant Updates

Outward Business Models

Upcycling / Valorization
of Spent Media